Coaching Staff

Coach Tiara Hebron  14 Moment Elite

Coach Aaron Phillips 12 Moment Elite & 15 Moment Elite

Coach Joan Kiser 11 National Black and 16 National Black

Coach Kim Musante 12 Regional Black

Coach Chris Joseph 13 Moment Elite and 16 Moment Elite

Coach Adam Phillips 13 Moment Elite and 16 Moment Elite

Coach Rebekah Boyd 18 Moment Elite

Coach Shawna Webb 15 National Black

Coach Taylor Austin  14 National Black

Coach Shawna French 13 Regional Black

Coach Julian Rendon 17 Moment Elite

Coach Amanda Weekley  17 Moment Elite

Coach Jenna Czaplewski  11 Regional Black

Coach Jenn Burbano 11 National Black 

Coach Sarah Flores 10 Regional Black and 14 Regional Black

Coach Caitlin Tribit 13 National Black

Coach Jordan Little

Coach Evan Lockwood

Coach Katie Brown 10 Regional Orange

Coach Will Colon 13 Regional Orange

Coach Monica Metzger 14 Regional Orange

Coach Brianne Wolf 15 Regional Black

Coach Olivia George

Coach Isabel Flemion









Soon To Come….More Incredible Coaches!!


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