“This is going to be our second Club season and I am so EXCITED and READY for the CHALLENGE!  I have over 12 years of experience in coaching youth sports in Winter Park. WPVC will be able to teach and explain the game in a way that your child will understand. You will see results and improvement immediately. We are going to train hard and play Hard . Our practices have been designed for your child to get better every day! WPVC will bring out     their best! We’ve built this program to compete with best.”

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    Aaron Phillips

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    Central Florida Sports Complex/Winter Park Volleyball Club

    Over the past 7 months I've been extremely blessed to work with some amazing athletes. I look back on our first tournament together, 12's winning silver and 16's winning bronze. I placed those two small trophies on my desk as a reminder that I needed to work harder and told both teams this will never happen again. From that moment on these 2 teams just pushed harder and harder. I look at there record throughout the season and it's funny to see the same results. It's almost like they pushed each other and didn't know it. Both teams went on to collect wins at many of the same tournaments or finished top 5. True story, I took the 12's trophy to the 16's team party after, to kind of light a fire. Parents asked if they wanted to take a pic with it and in return they all said, no thanks we will get our own. It was this past 11 days of volleyball I saw the HEART of my teams. They battled with many of the BIG DOGS in the nation and placed 3rd. I would also like to give a big Thank You to all my parents. Without your support non of this would be possible. You have provided a foundation that has allowed us to build on and with that I Thank You. I am also very thankful for the hard work and dedication of my two amazing assistant coaches ( Coach Alison and Coach Shawna). These two ladies have had there hands full many times throughout the season, earning them the Good Cop Award. Please don't take this as a brag. I'm merely just a coach that is extremely proud of his girls, coaching staff and Winter Park Volleyball Club. Thank You Coach Adam Phillips

    Jun 28th 11:47am 6 Comments

    Congratulations to all of the WPVC teams, players, and coaches on attending the 42nd AAU Girls' Volleyball National Championships! Here are the final rankings for our teams:
    10 Regional Black - Blue Division Champs (17th out of 21 teams)
    11 Elite - Blue Division Champs (21st out of 34 teams)
    12 Elite - National Championship Semi-finalists (3rd out of 45 teams)
    12 National - 38th out of 45 teams
    13 Elite - 15th out of 101 teams (Club)
    13 National - 72nd out of 79 teams
    14 Elite Black - 52nd out of 130 teams (Club)
    14 Elite Orange - 17th out of 122 teams
    14 National - 86th out of 122 teams
    15 Elite Black - Consolation Division Champs (13th out of 125 teams)
    15 Elite Orange - 45th out of 125 teams
    15 National - 125th out of 125 teams
    16 Elite - National Championship Semi-finalists (3rd out of 149 teams)
    16 National - 103rd out of 149 teams
    17 Elite - 53rd out of 82 teams
    18 Elite - 39th out of 56 teams

    Jun 27th 3:02pm 4 Comments

    Congratulations to WPVC 16 Elite for winning 3rd place at the 42nd AAU National Championships! Congratulations also go to Sydney Ritten and Kellsi Crow for their AAU All-American awards!

    Jun 26th 7:30pm 5 Comments

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